What is SIBO?

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a condition when there is an abnormal increase in the overall bacterial population in the small intestine and the occurrence of bacteria not commonly found in the small intestine.

Gastrolyzer breath test (SIBO, lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, sorbitol intolerance, xylitol intolerance)

Package includes:

– Gastroenterologist’s primary appointment: (indication for test, efficiency assessment, pre breath test councelling (special diet, medicins etc)

– Breath tests (in every 20 minutes for 3 hours, inclusive of necessary substrates (e.g. lactulose, sorbitol, lactose, fructose, etc.) – Repeat visit to the gastroenterologist: evaluation of results, prescription of treatment.

Breath tests are indicated mainly for patients with digestive tract complaints.

The most common symptoms:

* bloating

* diarrhea

* abdominal pain

* nausea

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